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  Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Why do I do this to myself?

Ok, it's another CoachUSA story. Today I got out of work kind of early. I was on the 6:17 bus. You can't win for losing. The first hint should have been that it was really hot on the bus. But I got on anyway because I (wrongly) assumed that once we got moving the bus would cool off.

The next hint was the way the brakes SCREEECHED at the end of the ramp out of the port authority into the Lincon Tunnel. But at the end of the tunnel, there was a light. It was the "get off here, pull over and wait for another bus" dashboard light. So after 20 HOT minutes in a tunnel, we get pulled over to the little waiting area for repair trucks outside the Lincon Tunnel.

At this point I amuse myself by filling out the survey I had been given when I got on the bus. This was a "customer satisfaction" survey from the Port Authority. One question was something like "a. I have no other commuting choice and have to use the bus; b. I could take another form of transportation but the bus is the most convenient for me; c. I have several alternatives ...etc. "  Where was "The train schedule sucks so I am forced to endure the crap that CoachUSA's Shortline division feeds me" choice?

I gave CoachUSA a resounding 2 out of 10 on almost all the satisfaction questions (where 1 was worst). I gave them a few '1's too just to make sure that I wasn't counted as not paying attention. Nothing like a bus full of unsatisfied New Yorkers filling out a customer satisfaction survey. The jokes were priceless.

I truly think there is a market for a "CoachUSA Sucks" site. I wish I had the time to do one.


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