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  Tuesday, May 07, 2002

What's the equivalent of "Methadone" for Coffee Adicts?

Can you hear it? I can. It's the espresso machine at the Starbucks nary a floor below my office. If I were very determined, I probably could do a mission-impossible-like drill trick and pass a spy scope right through the floor of my office to watch the barristas at work. That's how close my satisfaction is - a mere escalator ride away. Ahh...the smell of the coffee coming up through the floor......BUT NO.

Last week, we secretly replaced the coffee we drink from the office machine with Folgers. Yuck. I've been plunking down the $1.68 for the good stuff reguarly. But not today. Not today.

Why wait?

I got my teeth cleaned yesterday and I liked the look. And I need more work on them. Plus I got the little reminder from the dentist about what makes my teeth bad. The wife liked the look. I'm vain. Whatever, it's not important right now. I thought, maybe I It's just for a little while, I've told myself. But I hear it. It's calling me. I missed the morning cup. But the afternoon cup - the beverage that keeps me going for the late day - is getting more and more urgent. My thoughts turn to coffee.  

Hello. My name is Howard, and I am a coffee addict. Help.

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