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  Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Oooh, That Smell...

Today I took a bus ride from hell. Ok, from heck. We interrupt your usual commute to present a bus that smells like its bathroom has overflowed. You may now go about your business, coughing and gagging. Oh, and by the way, there's going to be lots of traffic tonight too, so you can enjoy it for an "extra, extra, extra long time."

And what company, you might ask, is responsible for this? Whose buses smell like crap? Who has bad bus service? Who treats passengers like the crap their buses smell like?

Coach USA, which owns Leisure Line. That lines leaves from exit 14 off the NY State Thruway in Spring Valley, going to 6th avenue and other midtown locations in New York City. Leisure Line is one of my commuting "choices." Coach also owns Shortline, which leaves from the Ridgewood Park-and-Ride in my area to the Port Authority Terminal.  Oh, I could take the Tappan-Zee express to the Metro-North Train to Grand Central. They own that. Red and Tan, a Coach USA Company, also goes from that Exit 14 Park-And-Ride on a more local route. There's also a more local bus that goes through some of the NJ Towns like Oakland. That's owned by...well, this is getting boring. So you see that my commuting choice is limited to whatever Coach decides is ok. Or the NJ Transit trains that don't go very close to where I work and have a much less frequent schedule.

Am I fed up? Yes. Coach, I want my money back for this ride. Oh and for the ride the other day when the bus ALSO smelled like the bathroom had not been serviced in several weeks.

I intend to find out who owns this company and ask for my money back. If you found this page because a Coach, Leisure Line, Shortline, Red and Tan, Tappan Zee Express, or other Coach USA bus made you unhappy, let me know in the comments. Coach, your service sucks.

Oh, it seems Coach is owned by StageCoach PLC, a Scottish company who owns lines on several continents. Lovely. Let's ring them up and tell them what we think of their bus lines.


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