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  Sunday, May 19, 2002

How to turn $1 into $35...the wrong way...

Today we took the kids to a carnival. We enjoyed some rides with our friend Charlie and Annabelle and their kids. Then Brooke wanted to play the "throw the ball in the small fish bowl and win a fish" game. Plink, Plink, and daddy hit a Plink to boot. That's 3 fish for a dollar. Such a deal. But, as my wife clearly predicted, that dollar was just the beginning.

I had a 10 gallon tank from my old office at Microsoft. But I no longer had the filter or gravel or..or..or.. $35 dollars later, Brooke, and her 3 fish, Danielle, Aaron and Sara are safely tucked in her room for the evening. Ah, happy day.


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