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  Monday, June 03, 2002

Sorry I haven't written. I've been busy.

No excuse, I know. But you'll see the news soon (and I'll link to it here). Good Stuff happening at work. An example:
 Twin Towers Fund to Gain from Yankees' Giambi Pledge
New York Yankee slugger Jason Giambi says he's going to donate $1,000 to the Twin Towers Fund for every home run he hits this season. Even if he doesn't have a season full of homers, Giambi says he will give at least $50,000. Giambi serves on the board of directors for the Twin Towers Fund. The money goes to help the children of police officers, firefighters and other rescue workers who died in the Sept. 11 attacks. The fund was established by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.  -- Metro Networks

Shut up and Retire Already

 Tom Brokaw, with all due respect, you're waiting too long. After watching the pathetic NBC coverage of last week's May 30 ceremony at Ground Zero on NBC, I asked my colleagues if we could change to a different channel. I actually shouted "SHUT UP" at the TV. During one of the most solemn events in recent memory, all Tom could do was talk. There was no thought to letting the event represent itself. Let's go to Ground Zero and ask the reporter what the mood is. "Well, it's pretty fucking somber here Tom, back to you" is the proper response, but he didn't get that.

However, the local CBS affiliate knew what to do. They broke in only occassionally to say what was going on, and used supertitles or captions to tell the story. They showed respect for the event, the place and the moment. Thanks, WCBS.


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