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  Friday, December 27, 2002

Show me the baby!

MSNBC and others report the allegedly first cloned baby. CNN's lunchtime show had some experts on disputing the veracity of the claims. Unfortunately, CNN makes you use RealOne's pass to view the video I saw. So bottom line - the experts are saying "SHOW ME THE BABY."

Experts have dismissed the notion that Clonaid is capable of producing a human clone because Boisselier does not have a track record in the field of either animal cloning or human reproduction.

 And I agree. What's the likelyhood this cult actually has experts who can clone a primate, let alone a human?

Basic tenet: The old Hebrew phrase "Elohim" -- usually translated as a name for God -- should have been interpreted as a reference to non-Earthlings "from the sky."  These entities are, Raelians say, responsible for the creation of life on Earth.

Sounds like someone's been watching too many episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

(As a complete side note, that site states that Star Trek Writer/Producer and Cornell Alum Ronald D. Moore has been tapped to write a 4-hour mini-series reviving BG. My only connection to Ron is that I was at Cornell when he was, and that he dated my girlfriend's roomate. What does that make us? Absolutly Nothing (tm Spaceballs).

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Stuffy Nose? Don't forget to use a tissue-san! [link courtesy of Gen] (I wish I read Japaneese, this is probably much funnier in the original.)

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On December 12th, I blogged that a lot was going on at work. I also noted that I couldn't talk much about it. I'm now thrilled to announce (a little late):

December 20, 2002 Twin Towers Fund Announces Third Round of Distributions:
Additional $38 Million To 9/11 Family Victims. More...

I've never been more proud to talk about my work than during the past year.

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