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  Monday, September 30, 2002

Like Me, on Steriods

I've heard the expression before - it's like blah-blah, but on steriods. While I've had to take them before, I never saw the big deal. But a small foot injury, not worth discussing, has put me on anti-inflamatories and steroids. And, wow, what a difference. And not in a good way.

Let me clarify - the swelling and pain have gone down almost immediately. That's good. Very good, in fact.

But dangerous, as I'm probably up for re-injury since I'm not paying attention to the foot. It's quite clear why athletes use this to fix injuries - and why they get more aggressive on the field. What I didn't expect was the hormonal-type rush of adreneline. It's pretty constant - at a high level - and at times it feels like everything is too intense. I get too worried, too angry. I could literally have hit someone who cut me off. It doesn't make for an easy day. And it makes for sleepless and restless nights.  

While it would be nice to use this "steriod time" at the gym, I am afraid of re-injury and I'm avoiding it. Too bad. I figure in a week or two, I could have been trying out for the next Action Hero role.

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