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  Thursday, December 26, 2002

Do You, uh, Yahoo Chat? What did you say? Hello?

Had an online chat with Jerry's crowd tonight.  In the middle of the chat, we lost power in the house. Amazingly, the UPSes I had upstairs kicked in and I kept going. Then I came downstairs, turned on the laptop, and dialed up to the chat again. Unfortunately, that was when the not-seeing-folkstyping thing started to happen.  Like that recent episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where where Willow, and Buffy and the rest of the gang are in the same room but Willow can't see them and they can't see Willow, so went our chat. Only certain groups could see the typing of certain individuals, even though we all could see a long list of people signed into this chat room. The chat wound down to a series of private IMs. This was, I admit, the first candle-light Instant Messaging Chat I've ever had.

During the chat there were lots of side talks, which I won't cover as some people asked us not to. But interesting folks like Bob Frankston, David Isenberg, David Weinberger, Jon Guttenberg, Adina Levin, Judi Clark, Andrius Kulikauskas, Renee Edelman, and I'm sure there were other folks there, but I couldn't see them talking. I ran a webcam, as did Bob and David W. I showed off the kids, and many folks said nice things about how cute they were. Thanks!

To them and to all my other friends, an early Happy New Year!

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