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  Tuesday, December 17, 2002

I had promised a few days ago to tell what was up with the Fund. One interesting item: for all those folks looking for a unique holiday gift - is selling (exclusively) a Leather-bound copy of Leadership by former Mayor Giuliani. The book is hand autographed (I watched him sign the autographs for a while) and there will be a substantial portion of the cost of each book donated to the Fund. So, buy one for everyone on your holiday list.

We're also in the middle of another larger project. More to follow.

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Cable Modem Downtime

The fine folks at Optimum Online had me outta commission for more than 24 perceived hours (not sure how long the outage lasted, but my IP address changed so I couldn't remotely access my computer and the Cable modem needed a reboot).

It made me realize a few things:

1. How slow dialup is these days (considering the best I can get from home is about 26kbps.)

2. How much I take my cable modem service for granted.

3. How I don't even keep a modem connected to my PC anymore and how it's a pain to wire one in.

4. How I wish wireless broadband would come and take the wires away.

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Thanks to Mitch, I'm learning a little more about Chaordic organizations. This is a new concept for me, aside from the Fast Company article about Dee Hock I read years ago.

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