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  Sunday, November 17, 2002

Dragons and other mythical beings

In olden days, when map-makers got to the end of known realms, often (or at least in movies) they etched There be Dragons Here to indicate the mystery associated with the area.

I've started something new, and with a bit of mystery. It's called the Dragon Dinner Network (DDN). I've had three dinners so far, in December of last year, and in September and November of this year. The DDN is a bit of a mystery for all concerned. Why did I start it? In October of last year, after leaving Sorceron, I decided I needed to do some more networking. Who better to network with than my own friends, whom I rarely see, and their friends? I booked the Golden Dragon in Chinatown, and Dietmar Petutschnig called it the "Dragon Dinner" and the rest is history yet-to-be-made. The dinners have been invitation only - so only friends of friends of friends have attended. 

I will have to decide whether to include others, make larger events, or keep it small. I'm inclined to let others like NYNMA (where I'm on the board), NYSIA, Gas Pedal, ibreakfast or Courtney Pulitzer run larger events, and keep this small and intimate. (Though, annoucing it on a weblog isn't exactly stealthy.)

I believe these gatherings of friends and business associates dedicated to networking are the start of the next wave for New York. WWWAC and NYNMA started the same way. I'm not being so bold as to say my Dragon Network is next. Yes, I've helped co-found and push several user groups, including WWWAC, before, but this network is different.

I'm looking forward to watching this dragon's egg grow.

In much of Western literature, a Dragon was a mystery to be conquered in order to obtain a treasure. But in the East, according to one site:

Instead of fear and loathing or even outright worship, here we find Dragons as being desirable to an area, and good luck rather than ill falls to those areas where dragons abide.

So Good luck to us, who dwell where Dragons be.

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