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  Wednesday, June 12, 2002

What would you have done?

From Douglas Rushkoff: Briefly - and this time only - I'll tell you what I saw: a guy pissing on a Judaica Bookstore window, in broad daylight. His girlfriend was with him, standing next to him, proudly. It was no accident, or coincidence. He was peeing demonstratively, swinging his penis back and forth, as if to be sure to cover the entire area of his concern - a poster mourning the loss of life in the Middle East.

I probably would have made a comment, especially in the crowd that Douglas described. But maybe not. It sickens me to think that this is the way little things turn into firebombings and homicide bombers.

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More On Monday

Read that title out loud, please. Have you seen the new ads for Monday, the new name of PWC Consulting? I didn't like the name the other day, and I still don't like it. On this page they invite you to "Challenge us."

So I've designed this ad parody. Share it with a friend.


A picture named MONDAY.jpg

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