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  Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Tivo - Perhaps a little less evil...

Meg wrote me to say that she'd read my Tivo piece and that Tivo actually is keeping content they download to you on a different part of the hard drive than the part you use to record content.


My point was that you can record a full 30 GB worth, because what TiVo
sells you is a hard-drive that's larger than 30GB, and promises you
access to 30 GB of it. There's additional space for the OS and to store
your preferences, schedules, etc. So my understanding was that that
Sheryl Crow stuff is also going in that extra space...So it's slightly less egregious than I originally imagined.

I actually tried out the Sheryl Crow videos they downloaded for me courtesy of BestBuy. An innovative advertising concept, but lame videos. Just Sheryl playing in a studio with a 3 camera shot. Very old school, and very boring. But good singing. Does it make me want to run out and buy her CD? Nah.

Meg and I also talked about the SonicBlue decision that keeps them from having to spy on your viewing habits.  more to follow on this thought. And this CBDTPA potential law is really scary. EFF explains it.

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And they didn't even need my people to build them...

Why the Net stock game was like a Pyramid Scheme, via Microcontent news. One of the better articles I've read on this topic.

Suicide Bombing "Survivors" sometimes wish they didn't...

I don't know much about World News Daily, but I found this link from Lynn via Doc.  It talks about the hardships that many face after a suicide/homicide attack in Israel. How sad and sickening.

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