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  Thursday, June 06, 2002

Management Theory

When it comes down to it, management theory is about the important stuff, like who starts against the Big Unit when Arizona comes to town. Right?  (I can't confirm or deny rumors that it will be Roger Clemens.) Or who starts against the Mets. Just like was great meeting Bobby V,

meeting Joe was quite a thrill.

Joe was at a press conference today where he and former Mayor Giuliani announced that they are signing baseballs and photos, available at Steiner Sports' site with proceeds to benefit the Twin Towers Fund. Press Release link. You should feel good about buying one. And they're all genuine, certified by accountants, and hey, I watched them sign, it's for real. Accept no imitations.

We also announced that the Fund has distributed about $103 million dollars to the families of the rescue workers killed in the towers on September 11, 2001. I had a lot to do with that distribution, and I'm extremely proud of that. The mayor thanked me very heartily and it felt very good. Another management lesson - appreciate the help. You're very welcome, I wouldn't have wanted to do anything else right now.


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