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  Thursday, October 31, 2002

Doc shows me Googlisms, and I love what it says first:

howard greenstein is right

Google is so smart :-)


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Goodbye, Jay

Rap Star Jam Master Jay of RunDMC was killed yesterday. Tributes seems to be running wherever sites that cover the band sit. Rolling Stone has a good history of the band .

I'm not in a position to do a huge article memorializing them. I enjoyed RunDMC's music, period. What I remember is their influence as I was in high school and college. Their later fusion of Rap and Hard Rock with Aerosmiths' "Walk this Way" paved the way for Rap and Rock's new marriage with hundreds of artists now merging the genres. 

I think fondly about MY Addidas, Christmas in Hollis (a classic MTV Video if there ever was one) (lyrics are all at this site), King of Rock, and others. But if I go on too long, I'll just hear:

You talk too much And then you never shut up
I said you talk too much Homeboy you never SHUT UP!!!

So, Peace, Jay.

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In all the nastiness of the political season, and it has been nasty, this is a classic line. On the occassion of Mondale's entrance to his party's hastily drawn convention, William Saletan of Slate comments:

Mondale isn't a hugger or kisser. He doesn't even smile much. As he ascends to the podium and accepts the nomination, the physical characteristics he patented in the late '70s and early '80s—the tight lips, the owlish beak, the Methodist stiffness, the chalkboard-scraping voice—return to the national stage. He speaks like an old man. He always did. But he's got the one important thing Wellstone lacks: He's still breathing.

Well, I guess someone had to say it. Ouch.

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