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  Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I probably won't get much of a chance to post tomorrow, as I am going to the Ground Zero ceremony. While the prospect is slightly scary considering the every-5-minutes-on-the-news-terror-alert-status-orange, I believe I will be safe while paying my respects.

I wish everyone a peaceful, safe rememberance tomorrow. Kiss your loved ones, smile at someone you don't know, do a favor or something nice just because you can.
People need it.

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Like Turning the Key on the Engine of Capitalism...

One of the enduring symbols of capitalism in this country is the stock market. It is an honor and privilege to "open the market" at the New York Stock Exchange.

I was there today to honor the memories of some of the heros of our Fund, by ringing the opening bell with their family members. Chairman and CEO Dick Grasso was a great host.

The family members were escorted in via a 'canyon of heroes' - a long walk past all the traders, who applauded wildly and sincerely for them out of obvious respect. Then a climb up the stairs to the famous podium, and .... If you're wondering what it sounded like - it's quite loud! Click here for the mp3.

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