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  Friday, October 25, 2002


Stuck home today. I've had a foot injury for a week, but I must have really screwed something up yesterday. My foot is all swollen and I can barely walk at all. I can describe it best this way:
Yesterday I took the train home from the city. The doors make an alarm bell as they open and close. But at one station, the bell for the door near my seat didn't stop ringing when the train pulled away from a stop. It kept ringing for 3 stations before a conductor came to investigate. It was a loud annoyance, painful, which would get even worse as commuters walked between the cars, opening the door to the loud, ringing outside door.

My foot is like that door sound - painful, with occasionaly jaunts to really f--king painful.

Update: I can feel the first wave of heat from the steriods. My head, pounding. Muscles, bulging. This must be what Bruce Banner feels like right before he turns into the Hulk.

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