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Friday, January 31, 2003

At least I can Hear some Evil


I have both Conjuntivitis and Laryngitis (both mild). So, basically I'm seeing and speaking none...


Hey! Maybe I can get a note from David’s Mother


Well, at least every doctor in the state isn't going on strike next week. Oh, wait, they are!!!

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Could be Worse. Could be Raining…

Snow and ice bring Britain to standstill Thousands of motorists are still stuck in their cars after spending the night trapped on motorways blocked by blizzards and black ice. [via BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition]

One motorist told BBC Breakfast News that he had only moved two miles in 10 hours and had had just two pasties to sustain him.

I'm sure this is a reference to some English dish, and that the gentleman in question didn't have a lap dancer along for the ride.



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