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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I went to the iBreakfast this am with Cometa chairman Ted Schell. Thanks to Alan Brody of iBreakfast for inviting me.

ZDNet covered the event here. I also took some notes of the event. 

Aside from the content of the event, I was very impressed by one statement Ted used. In two sentences he basically outlined his business, telling me end to end who his value chain, customers and potential partners are.

Cometa will build an infrastructure using 802.11 access points which will be available in highly visible, nationally branded locations (chains), licensed to any carrier with no preference (or preferred rates) and provide the reliability and density of network demanded by enterprise customers.

This isn't just marketing speak. Ted has stated:

  • A concept - build infrastructure of 802.11a+b access points
  • A location and partners - highly visible nationally branded locations and chains (McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and Kinkos were mentioned as examples previously)
  • a primary user base - licensing to any carriers with no preferred deals
  • the ultimate end user - enterprise users who demand consistancy.

I've learned a marketing lesson just by hearing this speech. This is a great lesson in having a clear way to explain your business. As Mitch likes to say, Read it and Think.

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