March 25, 2003
Modern Fairytales...

What fairy tales will we tell our children next?

Posted by Howard at 08:54 PM
I admit it - I'm Bi (Bi-Blogger)

I've come out of the closet. I'm sharing a dark secret with everyone. I'm now bi. Bi-Blogger, that is. I'm actually multi-blogger, if one can be such a thing. This blog will remain as a place where I share personal or flippant thoughts.

My new blog is for business and tech issues, and it is the Continuum Transfunctioner. I admit I basically stole the two-blog concept from my friend Mitch Ratcliffe, who also has two blogs. I'm using Radio for this blog, but Continuum Transfunctioner is a Moveable Type blog.

You may be asking - "What is the Continuum Transfunctioner?" Well, the Continuum Transfunctioner mentioned is a Mysterious and Powerful Device.


And its mystery is exceeded only by its power. Reference Material.

I'm also messing around on the Raging Cow issue with and I occasionally contribute, with Kevin Marks' permission, to Mediagora.

So there you have it. I'm out. Deal with it.

Posted by Howard at 05:01 PM