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  Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Good Meetup tonight in NYC. Ran into Beth, who I haven't seen in a while. Tom was there from Sputnik, and mentioned that Doc had blogged them today. I met the Mighty Geek in person, and found the woman behind Audible Delights. Can't forget Jen B from Meetup.

Somebody didn't pay for a Stella - and you owe me a couple of bucks.

Alex from NoSuch is supposed to post a list of the usual suspects.

I hope the rest of the country's meetups went well. Next time - quieter place.

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Lunch today with a very SmartGirl, Isabel Walcott. Great finally catching up with another member of "Jerry's kids." Left with a good feeling, having discussed the issues of the day. I hope I was able to give her some thoughts for her very cool idea/business, tba.
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The police finally catch a cunning art thief, but they can't figure out why he took a famous painting of Water Lilies.

The thief turns out to be a kid with a personality disorder. A criminal psychologist takes hours and hours talking to the kid. 

He finally comes out and tells the captain, "The kid has a severe disorder. His inner consciousness was channeling the collective unconscious. He takes on the personalities of German psychologists and gets a compulsion to steal."

Captain says "That's fine but I still don't understand."

Psychologist "Well, to put it into layman's terms.......He was Jung, and he needed the Monet."

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