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  Monday, August 19, 2002

But Seriously

Today I had the privilege of visiting America's Camp, which the Fund helped facilitate. I have no pictures of the kids - they deserve their privacy. The thing that impressed me most was not that these were grieving children who all lost parents on 9-11, or in the line of duty (they are), but that they were VERY happy kids making friends and having fun. That's the mission for America's Camp, and I'm happy to report they're doing a great job. After a great send off from the Mets yesterday, (including Vance Wilson, Bobby Valentine, and Al Leiter), the kids arrived safe and sound.

Today the kids got a visit from Verne Troyer (alias Mini-Me from Austin Powers) and Phil Fondacaro who was a lead player in the movie Willow, the evil Troll of the aptly-named movie, an Ewok in Star Wars Return of the Jedi. They were great and make the kids light up. Those guys flew in from LA just for the day, and they also signed autographs for the whole camp.  Bravo for Stars that support kids.


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Plot To Take Over the World Checklist

  1. Hire mini evil henchmen. Check.

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