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  Tuesday, August 13, 2002

In the early days of Silicon Alley, there was a news source you could trust - @NY. An email newsletter written by Tom Watson and Jason Chervokas, two former Riverdale-based reporters who sniffed that there was some sort of a story brewing in a future techno-boom/bust town. They also wrote for the NYTimes digital version.

They sold @NY at a good point in the market, and moved on.  There are still other worthy publications, and @NY remains, powered by

But something was missing. That balance of cynical and optimistic, the ying and yang of what is really going on. They're Back and Writing. Praise the lord and pass the media.commentary.  From an analysis of Springsteen's the Rising from a Catholic point of view to deconstructing what the popularity of CNBC meant to stock prices, it's a good read.

Full Disclosure: I sit on the board of NYNMA with Jason, and my current company does business with Tom's. And,  they also called me smart in the NY Times once. But you loyal readers knew that without them to tell ya.  

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