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  Sunday, July 14, 2002

Janis Ian takes on the Record Industry and it's policies and procedures regarding artist compensation. She has written a long and well-thought-out piece and it is something to behold.

Who's Janis Ian?

She achieved a new level of popularity in the 1970s with her trio of masterpieces Stars (1973), Between the Lines (1975) and Aftertones (1976). The first contained "Jesse" which became a pop standard after Roberta Flack topped the charts with it. ("Everyone thought 'Society's Child' was a fluke, and I was a has-been at 18. 'Jesse' proved I was a real writer.") The second contained "At Seventeen" that sold over a million copies and earned Ian her first two Grammy Awards. The third was one of the most critically acclaimed albums of its day and featured Ian's friends Odetta and Phoebe Snow as supporting vocalists. ("I didn't stop after Between the Lines; the next album, Aftertones, gave me my first international number one records, and the world shrank.") -From

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