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  Monday, July 15, 2002

Sometimes, you have a tough time at work. And then there's days like today, where I'm told that I have to go to the Mets game with some of our families tomorrow. Don't sit at your desk, go watch Leiter kick the Marlin's asses. Ok.
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Interesting take on "the Spam problem" from John Patrick.
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Interesting take on the experiment I've been doing with Spam, or the elimination thereof. Today I got an email from Buzz asking me to sign up to be able to send him email! He's now using Choicemail. Seems it assumes all mail is Spam until proven otherwise. An interesting choice, and pretty accurate in the current day and age. Is that the sound of falling CPMs on bulk email? How much farther can they fall?

I'm going to be monitoring Buzz's experiement to see if that works. In the meantime, not only do I have a new cell number, but my Public(at) email is now toast. I'm keeping it around for those who have it, but emailing it gives you an auto-reply that basically tells you to use a new address for me. Humans read those autoreplies, spambots (hopefully) ignore them. We'll see.

UPDATE from Buzz: He's moved from Choicemail to Cloudmark.  Cloudmark looks fascinating - something to look into.  Buzz's take on Choicemail?

...good, but not great solution because of the rejection feature. It did cut about 90% of the spam, in fact it cut out 78 spammers in 3 days, but probably rejected 10 people who I wanted to let through.

Seems Karl Jacob, my old Microsoft colleague, is running Cloudmark. More interesting still.

By the way - you see my BlogChalk below. What is Blogchalking?

what would make easier for me to know blogs owned by people that live near my home, and then, increase the possibility of real meetings....After seeing this kind of hard mapping implemented by people at and watch to the rise of WarChalking (in my opinion, an idea that best express, today, the beauty of large public networks), I noticed a possible way: if all bloggers mark their sites with a special sign and geographic information, maybe it would be possible to improvise such searching system.

Ok. I'm in. I've been for online people getting to know each other "IRL" (In Real Life) since my early days on ECHO and with WWWAC.

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blogchalk: Howard/Male. Lives in United States/New York/Midtown and speaks English. Spends 40% of daytime online. Uses a Fast (128k-512k) connection. Google! DayPop! This is my <b>blogchalk</b>: English, United States, New York, Midtown, Howard, Male. HowardGr is often my handle, for the record.
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