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1/29/2003 My notes from the iBreakfast with Cometa
1/19/2003 Land of the Free
12/24/2002 My Notes from the NYNMA ITV SIG - 12/23/02
12/24/2002 My opening remarks at the NYNMA ITV SIG 12/23/02
8/23/2002 When Can I own the Customer?
8/23/2002 The Silence of the LLamas
8/23/2002 My First Weblog Post 7/23/00
8/23/2002 Touch-tone? I'd buy that for a dollar...
8/23/2002 Installing Linux - not so easy...
8/23/2002 Stuck at Customs in the United States of Microsoft
8/23/2002 Midnight at the OSes (Review of Mandrake Linux 8.0)
8/23/2002 Radio, Radio 8-8-2001
8/23/2002 What I was blogging on 9-11, 9-13
8/23/2002 Reflections on 35
8/23/2002 Happy Thanksgiving 2001
8/23/2002 Bulk Mail - It really works!
8/23/2002 Famous Weblogs in History
8/23/2002 Digesting
8/23/2002 Oil Well that ends well?
8/23/2002 Mommy and Daddy School
3/30/2002 Tell Him What He's Won!

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