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Happy Thanksgiving 2001

What I'm thankful for:

  1. Family - a wonderful wife and two amazing kids
  2. Extended family - brother, step-sisters, sisters-and-brothers-in-law, cousins, parents, step-parents, grandparents, I'm out of breath
  3. Friends - I realize every day that I have more than I knew I did
  4. A roof over my head
  5. Health
  6. Life - after September 11, being 1 mile away from ground zero, I reaffirm this one on a daily basis and enjoy it.
  7. Perspective (see above)
  8. Education - ability to analyze, choose, and exercise my intellect, Access to Information - ability to learn and make decisions

  9. Ability to extend this list at any time


Glad that I was able to give to help those in need this past September, and that I was able to teach my daughter about why one gives, and why it's so important.

What I will work to change:

  1. War - we must always work towards ending what they've started, which they claim we started, etc. A no-win situation. Solve it by figuring out what we've done wrong and fixing it so 'they' have no more excuses for atrocity.
  2. Hunger - a real enemy, world-wide.
  3. Disease - let's get rid of the ones people are sending our way artificially so we can work on the ones that come naturally
  4. Making this list shorter

Enjoyable thought for the day:

Brooke, aged 3.75, asked "Mommy, a house is too big to take to the front of a store and pay for. How do you buy one?"

I love how this is both an abstract and a practical question. Pam explained how you don't buy the house, you buy a piece of paper that proves you own the house. We do this in certain stores where you bring up a slip of paper instead of the item, like Toys-r-Us when a toy is too big. Brooke got the concept. Next we'll explain mortgages!

2nd fun thought:

Harris, aged 8 months, can be asked "Where is" and find a light, a fan, and his sister. He usually finds his mother and father, and their respective noses as well. Next week, programming...

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