March 07, 2004
Frickin Mickey Mouse operation...

Here at the lovely Disney resort where I'm at, there's for-pay wireless access in the conference center and hotel lobby. Fine, I'm paying. Then there's "High Speed" access in the room. For another $10 on top of the $10 I dropped for wireless. Uh, can't you guys give me one price for both? Do you have to grab my wallet with both four-fingered white gloved hands? Or maybe the billing systems are different and you can't - is this just another....mickey mouse operation?

Posted by Howard at 09:32 PM
32K feet and nothing on

I enjoy the JetBlue concept that in-flight TV might be cool and entertaining for a flight. But the first hour of our flight the fine and really nice JB crew couldn't get the TVs to work right. They were ok on the ground, but they turned them off, and upon turning them on again, half the plane was out. Eventually things worked out, and now I'm watching....the realtime air display that tells me I'm at 32,000 feet, 371 air speed, over Alabama.
Just because you can watch TV on the plane doesn't mean that anything worth watching is on.

Posted by Howard at 09:29 PM
Martha, Martha, Martha...

Like the Brady Bunch's Jan, I wonder if there isn't anything else important in the world to discuss.

Posted by Howard at 12:21 PM