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Monday, February 17, 2003

The Snow Gods Must Be Crazy - Updated

My post from yesterday must have angered the Snow Gods. Note the snow drifting up to the passenger windows.

A picture named snowdrift-by-car.jpg













Update at 3:30 pm - note how high the snow is now!

A picture named snowdrift-by-car2.jpg














The snow made it's own snowcone. Reminds me of Beldar, the conehead.


A picture named mt-grilltop.jpg













Now Look at it! 3:30pm

A picture named mt-grilltop2.jpg














Check the pointy snowdrift, plus the black pavement on the leeward side of the car.


A picture snowdrift-by-a-car

















The wind shifted, and you can't see anything now! The cars are almost covered. This should be fun.

A picture named pointy-snow-drift2.jpg
















 To give you a better idea of scale of the snowdrifts - the thick line above the pooh stickers is the middle of my back door.

A picture named height.jpg
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