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  Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Radio users can get the XML feed of the New York Times. I've been enjoying it. It's an excellent feature.

I have met Dave Winer and Martin Nisenholtz several times, back when I worked at Microsoft, and I'm glad their bet is working to make the weblogging community a better place.

I have a suggestion for Dave, and Martin, though. Press Releases are fine, but basically useless to someone interested in actually taking ACTION on the news. I had subscribed to one or two NY Times feeds when Dave first announced this, but I could not figure out how to get the other feeds. There is not an obvious link on the Radio page. Nor inside the Radio Web interface. Nor on the Times Home Page. Google helped me find : .

But a link from either or showing how you subscribe to the feeds is better. How about the XML Coffee Mug on the NYTIMES home page? There are enough icons in the bar. Put it at the bottom. No one will care, except a whole community of webloggers, who will be grateful.

Another Feature Request Dave: Not just a list of recently updated weblogs, but an easier way to find popular feeds. If there's a way to do it, then I am missing it. And I know I'm not an idiot, so someone has to make it easier for me to find it. Some Advice exists from the Radio FAQ, but not easy enough for the 'average person.'


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Diet Pepsi after 9pm while debugging computer issue = Blogging at 12:12am.
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