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  Thursday, April 04, 2002

Ghost in the machine?

I'm seeing two versions of this blog at the same URL. One version that doesn't have the post below, and from work, a version that does. What's up with that?

Very Cool, Fidelity
Today I went to the Fidelity office in Rockefeller Center. They have a deposit machine that automates the deposit process really well. You don't have to know your account number. You log in with your fidelity ID (Social Sec) and password and it lists your accounts. You type how much the check is for, point to the account, and deposit it in a slot. You get a reciept with a scanned small image of the check you deposited as proof of deposit. How cool. The guy there told me they'll do 'bulk check input' instead of 'one at a time' in a few weeks. No more waiting on line. I'm a happy customer.

A Ghost Ate My HardDisk
Today I got to work to find one of my servers, a Ghost Client, trying to find the Symantec Ghost server. The Ghost server had a cryptic error, and wouldn't communicate with the Ghost client. This left the client in the unfortunate state of having it's boot record set to talk with Ghost and not being able to be satisfied. How do you recover from this? Microsoft tech support to the rescue. Reset the Master Boot Record using a 2000 CD Rescue console, and re-set the main partition to be the startup/active one. Why am I writing this? Because it was tough to get the answer from Symantec. They did respond via email by mid-day, but I couldn't wait, and tech support calls are very expensive there. I like Ghost, and Symantec donated it, so I don't want to be ungrateful. But the instructions on how to 'banish your ghost' when it misbehaves are not very evident in the manual.

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