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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Extra! Extra! Weather Forecasters run out of Superlatives!

Su`per*la"tive, n.

    1. Grammar. Of, relating to, or being the extreme degree of comparison of an adjective or adverb, as in best or brightest.

It's about to be snowing here in Northern New Jersey. Nothing yet, but by many accounts, this will be a HUGE snowstorm. In fact, news sites are running out of adjectives and superlatives to describe it. And that has me worried. What ever happened to the 'jumping off the page' headlines of yore? You know, the kind the guys from the NY Post try to come up with every day? is suggesting that this is the "Crown of Winter" :

 The Crown of Winter storm, the blockbuster that brings snow cover to a seasonal maximum, often comes in March. But a tentative coronation probably should be given to the ongoing Presidentsâ Day Storm, a blinding snowmaker that by midday Sunday already had unloaded a foot and a half of snow on parts of the Washington, D. C., metro area.

Crown of Winter? Please, I'm shaking in my timberlands. It also says it's the "Worst Storm in Years" for Washington DC.

MSNBC calls it a "Blizzard," on it's home page, hardly a sufficient term for this monster. Blizzard isn't exactly "SnowStorm 2003!!!" Though, following the link above, I see it's a "Weather Emergency." Wow, I feel much better knowing that MSNBC hasn't lost it's sense of urgency.

The Baltimore Sun, smack in the middle of this, um, Blizzard, tells us it's a "Major" snowstorm. Gee, guys, with a subhead like Meteorologists predict up to two feet overnight I think you could do better than "Major." At least the Washington Times is letting it's readers know they could be "Buried" by 2 feet of snow. That's a adjective in service to it's reader!

On TV, the Weather Channel has turned up the country to Weather Alert Red! Well, guys, where do we go from there? Is this the weather equivalent of Klingons off the starboard bow?

With the Weather at Red and the Terror level at Orange, I'm thinking it's time to kick back and make a Tequilla Sunrise. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Google buys Pyra

Google buys Pyra

Best wishes to Ev, Meg, and all the other team members- I see an excellent trend:
Internet Survivors buying other survivors for *real* user bases and (hopefully) real revenue/value creation.

I wonder if we'll look back and this will mark a point in the turn around of the Internet revolution - in a good way.

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