July 20, 2004
It's On! VP tells Senator to perform improbable sexual act...

Gotta love those literary jokers at the New Yorker, who are way more subtle than those literary jokers at the Onion, but who have obviously been drinking...

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Thought for the day

A thought for the morning from AKMA: Those who choose the lesser evil forget quickly they chose evil. - Hannah Arendt 

[via AKMA's Random Thoughts]

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There's no controlling rumors!

Rumors are by definition uncontrollable. But, This Is Rumor Control is going to try to shed light on what's going on in our society today and get past some of the obscurity and unclarity that affects our ability to fight a "war on terror". It is supposedly written by a group of journalists and policy people, but they've chosen to be pseudonyms instead of people, so we might never know.
A quote:

"We have participated in debate after debate in the media, as well as in our own circles, only to be dismissed or criticized for our willingness to challenge the current strategies aimed at curbing terrorism and anti-Americanism....We are non-partisan in our contempt for poor, uninformed leadership. We deride the hand-holding, candle-burning, hand-wringing stupidity of politics, while admitting that being tough and hard has its limits. Good people do good things, and we will give them credit for it, regardless of politics."

Worth a look. Their Blog Roll has Al Jazeera, Ha'Aretz, and the Hudson Institute so at least they're paying attention to everyone.

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