May 27, 2003
Dean is back

From Dean Landsman's weblog: DeanLand.WebLogs.Com : Give Us Today Our Daily Blog

This blogging business is really quite odd. The more often I write, the fewer page views it seems I get. The less often I post something new, the more traffic, page views, and response it seems the blog inspires.

Dean and I had coffee the other night at Starbucks, but alas, neither one of us had a digital camera with us to take a picture of the event. But I'm glad to see he's back and blogging.

Posted by Howard at 10:19 AM
Direct TV has a perception problem

According to this web site, DIRECTV Privacy Sucks.

DIRECTV will give out their customer's account number to anybody who calls their 800-number (1-800-DIRECTV) and asks.

The site lists all sorts of nasty things you could do, like cancelling your neighbor's DirectTV, etc. He doesn't advocate it. He is just making a point- they don't require any sort of security to give our your information.

When I saw the site, it reminded me of a Cluetrain moment - someone's trying to have a conversation with DirectTV, and, failing that, is conversing with other customers. Fascinating.

Posted by Howard at 10:16 AM