December 19, 2003
Drinking update...

Joi writes:

So far so good...I haven't had a drink since I quit drinking. It may just be the novelty, but I'm enjoying myself greatly. [via Joi Ito's Web]

I enjoyed meeting Joi this weekend and I'm sure he can do about anything he puts his mind to. Though he may need an IRC channel, two or three mobile devices, a powerbook and wifi.... :-) Good luck.

Posted by Howard at 09:15 AM
Free(zing) WiFi

So I'm in this Starbucks under the NYU space at the Woolworth Building. I could use the T-Mobile service, but the fine folks of the New York Downtown Alliance provide Free Wifi in City Hall Park. But, as they say, the weather outside is frightful. So I'm inside sipping latte and packets, albiet having to sit by the window next to the door to get the signal from across the street. Everytime the door opens, it is quite chilly. The things we do for bandwidth...

Posted by Howard at 09:12 AM