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  Sunday, September 22, 2002

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Last night I accompanied families from the Fund to the Mets Game. Dave has stated many times that the Mets have a philosophy that's more about the fans than winning the game.

I always found that hard to believe, but their actions of the past season when it comes to families related to our fund, who lost relatives on 9-11, have been nothing but outstanding. They've showed respect and love for the families. That's not just bullshit PR mascarading as community relations. The players and the staff care.

I appreciate this as both a fan, and a guy who suddenly realized - I was at my son's first ball game. What a shock. I'm really an official dad now - I've taken both my kids to their first ball games. It's a rite of passage for a kid to go to their first ball game. But I never realized it would be so for a parent as well. Stopped me right in my tracks, on the field of Shea. A big moment. Still digesting it. Pam, my mom and step-dad were there as well to enjoy it.

And a nice touch that Harris got his picture with a future hall-of-famer. Brooke got a baseball from a heck-of-a-nice-guy catcher, signed. And it was a beautiful night for baseball. Mets 6, Expos 3.  


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